To begin this article, I would like to wish everyone that celebrates it a merry Christmas, and to everyone else, happy Holidays. This time of year is one filled with joy, wonder, and wishes. December itself is enveloped by this sentiment. I believe joy is something that is vital to all of our lives, and for not just one month, but for all of them. Joy is unbridled happiness, it is not hindered by logic or reality, in that moment, when you are joyous, nothing else but that emotion matters. Joy is pure.

I had an early Christmas present this year. It came in the form of a 37 pound black, white, and brown, bundle of energy named Jack. Jack was a shelter dog and had been there, much to our surprise (because of how sweet he is) for over 3 months. We immediately fell in love and brought him home. I bring up the story of Jack, which I’m sure must strike most of you as completely unrelated, because, as all dog owners know, there is nary a purer, more unadulterated source of joy than a dog. As a favorite show of mine (Limmy’s Show for those interested) said in one episode, a dog does not overthink things, he does not sit in a car going 70 miles an hour thinking “how is this possible?”, he just sticks his head out the window and enjoys the wind blowing in his face. That is joy.

Jack does not think about the 3 months he spent at the Humane society, in what surely must have been a terrifying experience. He does not think about the time he spent in a high kill out-of-state shelter, which I’m sure was much worse. He doesn’t think of the heartbreak he had to have experienced when he was adopted out for a week and then brought back because the owner “didn’t have time”. No, Jack does not think about any of that, Jack just runs around our half acre yard at full speed, trips, sending him somersaulted across the yard, gets back up, and keeps running like nothing happened with a huge grin on his face.

Jack is joy, and I think we could all learn something from him.


2 thoughts on “Joy”

  1. Hi, my name is Aleshia, I want to say thank you for all of this blog thing you do. I’ve never been a blog reader until now. I was recently diagnosed as bipolar 1disorder. I have learned a lot about myself just in the few articles I’ve read so far from you. I recently went through a major trauma in my life. Well one of many, But this being I think the worst. After going into treatment voluntary, I was diagnosed. I had actually already been seeing a psychologist for years due to an unfulfilled marriage. I guess luckily my husband still wants to love me only I know he is a major source of my pain. I don’t have family other than our daughter who turns 18soon. And a portion of a foster family left. I don’t get to see many of them much because they live a bit away from me. But what struck me to write this here after this particular article, comes in a form of a little brown pit bull I found at a flea market. Without her joy to remind me to smile and laugh when ever there’s a chance. So tell Jack Macy and I say hello and were glad we found you guys.
    Smiling, Aleshia Wilson

    1. I’m glad that Macy brings you as much joy as my Jack does for me, and I’m glad you enjoy our blog. Best wishes 🙂

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