Mental Health Resources

Here are some mental health resources for Canadians:

These are some of, but definitely not even close to all of the useful links on the Canadian Mental Health Association website. If you would like more information about mental health, please see:

If at any time you feel that you cannot cope, or you need external assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. Individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, psychosis, etc. may feel like they have no one to talk to. The authors of the blog, having dealt with mental illness themselves, understand how that feels – it exacerbates the underlying condition, making it much worse. However, don’t be afraid. You do not have to suffer alone. Every two in ten Canadians suffers from some mental illness in their life. It is normal. You are not a pariah at all. If at any time you feel that you are a threat to yourself or others, please contact either the suicide hotline or one of the other crisis services:

24/7 Help Lines

Mobile Crisis Services can be accessed seven days a week, 24 hours a day by telephone:

Mobile Crisis Services: (306) 757-0127
Child Abuse Line: (306) 569-2724
Crisis Line: (306) 525-5333
Gambling Help Line: 1-(800)-306-6789
Farm Stress line: 1-(800)-667-4442

Please note that these numbers are local to Regina. If you wish to contact someone in your province, please take a look at the following page:

If you are in the United States and would like to contact a help hotline, some of the numbers for them can be found below and can be called at anytime if one feels they need assistance:

Depression Hotline 1-(630)-482-9696
Suicide Hotline: 1-(800)-784-8433
LineLine Hotline: 1-(800)-273-8255
Sexuality Support Hotline: 1-(800)-246-7743
Rape and Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-(800)-656-4673

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